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Travel Famous Spirt Trails from Around the Globe

Spirit Trail Challenge for 2023 is The Kentucky Trail.


For the next 6 months, follow us throughout the great state of Kentucky and try your hand (and tastebuds) at some amazing Kentucky Bourbons.

How it works: Every 6 months we will choose one famous spirt trail to highlight and select one of the spirts on that trail each month. We will ask that you purchase the chosen spirit from a Total Beverage location, then we will ask you to fill out a short survey on it. "Tours" will run from January - June and again from July - December. We will launch the new spirit within the first week of each month, and we will need surveys in by the last day of the month to be valid for entry. Every month you participate, you will get an entry into a drawing for a "skip to the head of the line" pass on our allocation list, or a $200 gift card. If you participate in all 6 of the challenges, we will throw in an additional 10 entries for the prize. This month we are featuring Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon.


*Must have a customer account that shows proof that all 6 monthly items were purchased from a Total Beverage location.*

June Spirit Trail